How to Deep Clean a Concrete Swimming Pool

How to Deep Clean a Concrete Swimming Pool

Before the swimming season gets started well is a great time to deep clean your swimming pool. You want it to be super clean so that it is easier to take care of during the summer months. You may also want to deep clean it in the fall when temperatures begin to drop again. Concrete pools build up moss and algae when they are not properly maintained.

Drain the Water

The first step is to drain all the water from the pool. You will want to follow the directions that came with your pool, but if it is an above ground pool with a main drain, cut your skimmer out and set your main pump to backwash and rinse and your water level will quickly go to almost nothing. If you do not have a main drain, then rent a sump pump or siphon the water off with a garden hose. If you have an in-ground pool, then close the return lines and open the waste line. Once the water is half gone, then close the top suction lines to your pool.

Drain the Water

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Remove Debris

You will now want to take a stiff-bristled broom to the bottom of the pool. Remove any debris that is there. The best brushes to use on a concrete pool are stainless steel brushes, but if you cannot find one, then choose one with a mixture of stainless steel and nylon bristles.

Power Wash the Pool

Now, that the water is out of your concrete pool, it is time to get someone to power wash it. After all, you have much better things to do than spend hours brushing your pool to clean it. Make sure that you are working with a good professional, like Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning, so that the job is done methodically and carefully. The expert will use detergent to clean the pool starting at the bottom and working their way to the top. Then, the power washing expert will wait for about 15 minutes and rinse the soap off from the top down. After the walls have been washed, then power wash the floor. If algae have started growing, then use an algaecide to kill it. Your pressure washing in Orlando expert may also use the turbo nozzle to make sure that it is gone.

Refill the Pool

Make sure that all cleaning equipment and debris has been removed from the pool. Then, refill it with clean water. Follow your pool manufacturer's directions to rebalance the water in your pool.

When shopping for pressure washing in Orlando, FL, call Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning at (407) 952 1453. These pressures washing in Orlando, FL. experts know all the right steps to get your pool sparkling clean. Of course, you will want to have them pressure clean the deck and surrounding area while they are at your pool.

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