Impress Your Drive-Thru Customers

Impress Your Drive-Thru Customers

Banks, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, and others often use drive-thru lanes to make it more convenient for their customers. Many businesses spend a lot of time cleaning the interior of their business. Yet, they often neglect to clean their drive-thru area, except for maybe picking up trash that has blown there. While there is no doubt that it is important to keep your business’ interior clean, it is equally important to keep your business’ drive-thru area clean as it may be the only impression of your business that some customers get. Hiring a professional pressure washer operator to clean your drive-thru area regularly is a great way to make sure that it stays clean.

Start with the Roof

Pressure washing your building’s roof often makes it last longer. If you have not looked recently, chances are that mold, mildew, lichens, and algae are growing on your roof. Additionally, pressure washing your commercial building’s roof can reduce your energy bills. Your building’s roof may last longer. Most importantly, it will look great when customers drive by your location inviting them to come to try the food there.

Clean the Building

Commercial buildings with drive-thrus may end up with graffiti on them. Additionally, they often have chips of paint where someone has hit them with a car door or bumper. Central Florida weather can leave stains on the building. Rust from pipes and other surfaces often leave even more stains on the building. Pressure washing is a great way to make your building look more inviting to customers who may never see its inside.

Drive Thru Lanes

Pressure washing your drive-thru lanes can help their appearance immensely. Hire a professional to use degreasing chemicals to get rid of the worse stains like grease and fluids left by vehicles. Then, clean the whole area with even pressure to give the area a uniform appearance. You will want to work with a professional pressure washer so that the result is clean and uniform as many people who rent a pressure washer on the weekend do not know what chemicals to use to clean surfaces well. Additionally, if pressure is not maintained evenly throughout the final process, then your drive-thru lanes will look streaked.

Clean the Parking Lot

While you will want to focus on the drive-thru area, there are many advantages of having your parking lot cleaned by pressure washing it. As customers wait in your drive-thru lane, they are likely to notice how clean your parking lot appears. They are also more likely to help you keep it clean if they are impressed with its appearance. If your parking lot is clean, then you will have fewer problems with rodents and insects.

Pressure washing in Sanford, FL. is a great way to impress your drive-thru customers with your business. In order to arrange for pressure washing in Sanford, FL. contact Simple Solutions at (407) 952 1453.

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