Moss Damage to Central Florida Roofs

Moss Damage to Central Florida Roofs

If your roof sits in the shade, then Central Florida weather can cause moss to grow on it. The moss spores get down between the shingles or other roofing materials. They can harm the structural integrity of your roof long before you notice the moss growing if you are just casually observing from the ground. Therefore, you should have your roof pressure washed regularly to prevent moss from getting started.

Treat Moss Roof Problems

The first step in treating moss roof problems is to have your roof pressure washed as it will remove the moss spores that are already on your roof before they can do any more damage. It is crucial that you hire a professional, like those at Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning, to do this job because done incorrectly it can remove additives placed on the roof to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays and other problems. Be very cautious about using a moss powder on your roof because it can damage wildlife. Furthermore, using bleach on your roof because it does not stop moss spores, and it can discolor your roof.

Preventing Moss on Your Roof

After you have had your roof pressure washed, then you should take steps to stop it from returning. While the professional is on the roof, they should clean it so that no debris is present.  If any tree limbs are growing over your roof, then trim them back so that your roof is in the sun. You should also have your gutters and downspouts professionally pressure washed as it is vital that water be able to come off the roof quickly. You may also want to think about having zinc strips installed on your roof. When the rain rolls over the strips, then the zinc stops moss from forming. You will need to have the zinc strips replaced annually.

Other Services to Consider

It is urgent to get the moss taken care of on your roof. There are many other services that you may want Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning to perform while they are at your home besides getting rid of the moss and cleaning your downspouts.  You can have them soft wash the exterior of your home so that it looks bright and beautiful again. If you have a dirty driveway or sidewalks, be sure to have them cleaned. They can also pressure wash your deck or patio.

Why Hire Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning?

Simple Solution’s President and Founder Connor Graham was raised in his father’s commercial janitorial service, and he learned at an early age that customer service was the most essential ingredient of any business deal. He does not want you to give him your pressure washing in Orlando business. Instead, he wants the chance to earn it. This company that specializes in pressure washing in Orlando hopes you will contact them today.

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