Pressure Washing on a Cloudy Day

Pressure Washing on a Cloudy Day

Many homeowners are surprised when a pressure washing in Sanford, FL company, like Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning, pulls up on a cloudy day. They are even more surprised when the weather might be threatening to rain. Pressure washers must take precautions against lightning or other conditions where it is dangerous to be outside. There are many reasons that pressure washing on a cloudy day is preferable. Therefore, September and April are the perfect time to get your pressure washing in Sanford, FL needs taken care of properly.  


If you have ever spilled water out of a bucket on a hot summer day, then you know that the water is going to evaporate exceptionally quickly. If you drop that same bucket of water on an overcast day, then it takes longer for the water to evaporate. The same principle applies to pressure washing. When you have your pressure washing done on a hot day, then the water and cleaning solutions can dry extremely fast. The fast-drying action results in soap rings that the pressure washing crew has to work harder to remove.  

Better Visibility

If you have ever been driving into the sun, then you know that it can be challenging to see. The same thing happens to technicians completing your power washing job when they have to look towards the sun while washing a surface. Additionally, as you know, shadows do not form on overcast days. This helps the technician see better the area they are cleaning, instead of spending time trying to remove a stain that turns out to be nothing more than a shadow.  

When Pressure Washers Cannot Work

Pressure washers must take precautions that are very similar to baseball players. If lightning and thunder have been heard within the last 30 minutes, then you can expect them to wait a little while. You can also expect them to wait if it is raining hard or if radar indicates that lightning will be in the area soon.  

Do It Now

You now know that overcast and rainy days are perfect for pressure washing. Since the majority of those days occur in April and September in the Sanford area, set up your appointment now. There are many jobs that pressure washing is perfect for around your home. You may want to get the exterior of your house washed. You may also want to get your driveway cleaned. Pressure washing is also a great way to remove leaves and debris from your furniture. Your outdoor furniture has probably taken a hit during the summer along with your deck or patio, so get those areas pressure washed too. They can even use their soft wash system to clean your roof.  

Contact Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning about your pressure washing needs in Sanford, Florida. Call them today at (407) 952-1453 to set up your appointment time.  


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