4 Steps to Making Your Wood Deck Look Beautiful Again

4 Steps to Making Your Wood Deck Look Beautiful Again

Many people save up lots of money so that they can afford to have a wood deck built. During the first year, the deck looks beautiful, and they love entertaining on it. Then, after the sun has beat down on it for about a year and the wind and water have hit it hard, the deck loses its natural beauty. Instead of regretting that you spent your money to have your beautiful wood deck built, follow these easy steps to restore it to its original beauty.

Inspect the Deck

The first step in returning a deck to its original beauty is to make sure that everything is in good repair. You should check to make sure that there are no loose boards. You should also check for any nails or screws that are trying to work their way out. If you find anything wrong, then make sure to repair it before continuing.

Wash the Deck

The next step is to call a pressure washing in Sanford, FL. company to come pressure wash your deck. The worker should first remove any large furniture and big plants. You should also cover up any fragile foliage so that it does not accidentally get harmed. Then, the pressure washer in Sanford, FL employee will carefully wash all the deck’s surfaces. Expect the worker to use a product containing a non-chlorine bleach base or oxalic acid to remove discoloration from the wood. The worker may also use a bleach-based product if he finds signs of mold or mildew.

Paint or Stain the Deck

After your wood deck is completely dry, then it is important to paint or stain it. If you choose to stain it, then avoid stains that are heavily pigmented because they show wear very easily. Instead, look for products that are waterproof or water repellant. Avoid products that are water resistant as they will not stand up to being outside all the time in Central Florida’s climate. Furthermore, you need a product offer ultraviolet protection and that contains a mildewcide.

Apply Sealant

The final step in making your wood deck look beautiful again is to apply a sealant. You have the choice of spraying, rolling or brushing on the sealant depending on the product that you choose. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to control a sprayer, and sealant will leave a stain on any surface that it touches. Like the paint or stain, look for a sealant offering ultraviolet protection. Many sealants add some color, so it is best to try it in an out-of-the-way place first to make sure that you like the look.

Call Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning when you are hiring a pressure washer in Sanford. While they are at your residence, you may also want to consider having your gutters cleaned along with having concrete and your roof pressure washed.

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