Five Tips for Properly Handling Industrial Pressure Washers

Five Tips for Properly Handling Industrial Pressure Washers

Do you have an industrial pressure washer that you use to clean your business?  These heavy-duty machines have much more power than a regular pressure washer, which require much more attention to proper handling.  As a company that offers quality pressure washing in Orlando, FL, we can ensure that the job is done right and safe each time.  When you use an industrial-strength pressure washer yourself, you'll want to follow these five tips the professionals use to stay safe on the job.

Wear Protective Equipment

When you are using industrial-strength pressure washers, you should always wear protective equipment to keep you safe from harm.  The pressure of these washers is much more powerful than regular-strength washers, which means that it can do more damage.  You should always wear goggles to cover your eyes, closed-toe, rubber-soled shoes to prevent foot injuries, and rubber gripped gloves to prevent hand injury.  To prevent any injuries related to slipping and falling, you should also wear protective headgear, like a hard hat, as well.

Get Routine Maintenance

When you have a pressure washer, you will want to obtain routine maintenance and repairs so that you prevent broken parts, shorts, and shocks to the machine.  These issues can cause malfunctioning that can actually lead to a need for expensive replacements.  By having routine repairs, you can avoid these issues from causing irreparable damage.

Read the Instruction Manual

Before you begin your pressure washing job, you should take time to read the instruction manual.  Doing so will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the safety precautions and specific handling directions to avoid injury to yourself and damage to the machine.  This will guarantee that you avoid any mishandling of the equipment, since every machine is slightly different.

Handle the Pressure Washer Properly

Properly handle the machine with a firm and tight grip.  Make sure that you have your balance before you turn on the machine, as it can release power that can push you backwards if you are not prepared.  When the gun is in use, point it only at the surface being cleaned.  Avoid pointing the gun at any animals or humans, as this can result in severe injury or even loss of limbs.  

Use the Right Detergents

When you are cleaning your business or property, you will want to consult the machine's instruction manual to ensure that you use the right cleaning detergents and soaps.  Measure the right amount of detergent before you begin mixing it into the machine.  You should also always avoid skin contact with these detergents, as they are potent and will require immediate medical attention.

By following these five safety tips, you can use your industrial-strength pressure washer correctly and safely each time you clean the exterior of your business.  If you are interested in getting help with your pressure washing in Orlando, FL, you'll want to trust the experts at Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning.  Contact us to let us take this hassle off your hands too.

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