5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Pressure Washing Service

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Pressure Washing Service

Congratulations are in order if a professional pressure washing service is on the way to give your home the cleaning it needs and deserves. If there is green stuff growing on the exterior of your home, oil stains in the driveway, or mold growing all over your deck, it is time for a professional pressure wash. Simple Solutions pressure washing in Lake Mary, FL, is easily able to resolve all of these issues.

Pressure washing will allow your house to look good as new and have a refreshed curb appeal. Pressure washing can also help keep your family safe from diseases caused by algae, molds, bacteria, or even accidents due to slipping on dirty surfaces. However, it is crucial to leave pressure washing to professionals because the high-pressure stream can cause injuries or property damage if you don't take critical preventive measures. Here are some great tips to prepare your home for pressure washing.

Secure doors and windows

Securing any opening where water can enter through is vital in preparing your house for pressure washing. This can help to avoid water damage to your home. Be sure to double-check windows and doors and make sure that they are entirely closed. If you know any holes or leaks where water can still enter the home, it is vital to inform your pressure washing professional. This will help them to be extra cautious around those areas.

Move and cover

It is imperative to move or cover any items that you want to avoid getting wet. This means moving garden tools, furniture on your deck or patio, and even your car if you're having your driveway serviced. The water spray from pressure washing often carries with it dirt, old paint, and other debris. Be sure to secure items a lengthy distance away from the pressure washing action. If there are items that are fixed to the area, it can be helpful to cover them with waterproof, durable, plastic coverings.

Avoid electrocution

People are taught from a young age the risk of electrocution when water and electricity meet. Hence, it is obvious to remove electronic appliances and gadgets from the area that is being pressure washed. Please pay close attention to exterior electrical outlets because they are easy to overlook. Be sure to unplug any extension cords and tightly close the covers on those outlets.

Hide your children

The high-pressure water stream from a pressure washer generates an intense level of kinetic energy. The pressure produced is more than enough to cause significant internal injury and break through the skin. Be sure to keep children and pets safely inside the house and away from the doors and windows during the pressure washing process.

Plant lives matter

Though most pressure washing services use eco-friendly products to clean surfaces and guarantee that the cleaning products will not damage vegetation chemically, the high-pressure water stream is a different matter altogether. The stream from a pressure washer can often destroy branches, leaves, and flowers on plants. This makes it essential to store potted plants in a safe place away from the action, and if you have plants that are part of the landscape, cover them with sturdy waterproof plastic.

Pressure washing professionals value customer relationships and consistently seek to avoid any potential conflict from injuries or property damage due to pressure washing services. That is why it is essential to inform you how to prepare your home before our pressure washing in Lake Mary, FL, can be performed safely.

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