Five Tips on How to Keep Your Concrete in Optimal Condition

Five Tips on How to Keep Your Concrete in Optimal Condition

Are you tired of looking at the stains on your driveway?  Do you notice dirt or pollutants littering your patio?  Whether you have a concrete driveway, walkway, or patio, you will want to keep it in great shape so that it lasts a long time.  Concrete is not an inexpensive paving material, and it can easily become ruined without full understanding of the right maintenance and care tips.  As a company that specializes in pressure washing in Sanford, FL, we understand the proper cleaning maintenance that is required to make your concrete look brand new once again.  There are a few tips you should follow to maintain and care for your concrete driveways or patios.

Avoid Scratches

Concrete can be damaged when heavy machinery or tools scratch the surface.  This can cause divots or small holes that are then irreparable.  When you are performing yard work that requires heavy tools or dangerous machinery, you will want to be cautious around your driveway or sidewalks.  Consider using the yard to drag the heavy machinery to prevent any wear and tear or scratches from developing on the surface.

Act Fast to Clean Up Spills

Whenever you park on your car on your driveway, you will want to be aware of any potential leaks from your gas or oil tanks.  If you happen to notice any of these issues, you should tend to it immediately.  Oil and gasoline can soak into your concrete, leaving stains that can never be removed.  Although this doesn't necessarily damage the structure, it does leave eyesores on the surface.

Pressure Wash Each Season

To make your concrete surfaces look new once again, you should keep up with routine pressure washing during each season.  By pressure washing your concrete on a routine basis, you can remove issues like dirt and grime, and leave the surface looking flawless.  Pressure washing can not only remove dirt and contaminants, but it can surprisingly remove tough stains that you may have thought were permanent.

Add a Topcoat

To provide your concrete with a protective layer, consider sealing your surfaces with acrylic or topcoat sealers.  This can provide your concrete surfaces with an additional protective layer that can prevent damage from things like the environment and weather.  Over time, these layers will degrade, but you can continue to seal them to protect the surface underneath.

Avoid Using Melting Agents

Many melting agents may seem like a great idea during bouts of cold weather, but it is actually recommended to stray from using these.  Salt can encourage ice to melt quicker, but it can also damage the concrete as it sits on it.

These are just a few of the proper ways you can care for your concrete surfaces to keep them in optimal shape and avoid costly repairs.  If you are looking for professionals to take care of your pressure washing in Sanford, FL, contact us to hear about our range of quality services today.

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