Think Before You Act When Pressure Washing Your Orlando Roof

Think Before You Act When Pressure Washing Your Orlando Roof

There are many benefits of pressure washing your Orlando, Florida, roof. It is a great chance to make your roof look clean and beautiful. It can remove mold and mildew, which can hasten the need for a new roof and harm the roof’s structural integrity. It can also remove algae growing between shingles on your roof. When people use incorrect processes or they use the wrong chemicals or equipment, then pressure washing your roof, however, can do more harm than good. Therefore, it is essential to hire the right pressure washing contractor in Orlando, Florida.


If you decide to head to the nearest rental store to rent your power washing equipment, be sure to think about your safety. In those working in the construction industry, falls from roofs account for 33 % of all fatalities. In the roofing industry, falls account for 75 % of all deaths. If these highly trained professionals have a hard time surviving, then are you willing to risk it yourself? Remember that falling as little as 20 feet can be deadly.

Algae is Dangerous

If you have ever stepped on algae in a swimming pool, then you know that algae can be slippery. It also can take years off your roof. While roof algae start off a blue-green color, over time, it can streak your roof black. It can easily overcome any additives to your roof’s shingles, like those designed to help block ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you may notice that your energy bill rises.  Not only can algae do damage where you can see it, but it can also move under your roof where it harms your roof’s structural integrity.

Removing Additives

While algae can cause additives to your shingles to not function properly, improper washing can also remove additives. If the pressure washing causes excessive granules loss, then your roof may leak sooner. Water pressure that is too high can damage flashings, gutters, and drip edges. If you have a protective coating put over your shingles, then it may be washed away or significantly damaged.

Walking on Roofs

Walking on your roof not only increases your chances of falling, but it can also do damage to your roof. Your weight can cause shingles to wear out faster. Walking on the ridge cap and in the valleys can cause enough damage that you will need to call a roofer. Therefore, you need to hire a professional who will walk on your roof as little as possible while getting the job done correctly, the first time.

Pressure washing your roof can help protect it, but you need to hire an expert pressure washer contractor in Orlando, FL. Call Simple Solutions Exterior Cleaning today as he has the experience, knowledge, and tools to be your pressure washer contractor in Orlando, FL.

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