Why Pressure Washing Your Playground is Important

Why Pressure Washing Your Playground is Important

Playgrounds are often a crucial part of our childhood memories. A Playground is often memorialized in our minds as a nostalgic, happy place where there was not a care in the world able to interrupt the fun we were having. But, unfortunately, playgrounds can quickly go from a place of nostalgia and fond memories to a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and mold without regular cleanings.

Cleaning a playground requires the expertise of a local pressure washing professional. Having your playground regularly pressure washed will help to keep it in tip-top condition. Playgrounds often attract lots of different visitors from the young to the young at heart. It isn't easy to find someone who doesn't enjoy the things that a playground offers. Whether your playground is a commercial space or just a backyard play area, it is essential to understand the importance and benefits of regular cleaning for playground equipment.

Preserve structures

Failing to clean and maintain playground equipment can lead to the build-up of debris and rust. This build-up can damage the structural integrity of playground equipment over time. Playgrounds are consistently exposed to harsh elements and are constantly accumulating dirt and grime, so it is no surprise that the equipment is often prone to rust. Rust is a known health hazard, and it is best if children do not cut or scrape themselves on rusty materials, resulting in the need for a tetanus shot.

Managing germs

Everyone knows that it is difficult for small children to keep their hands and germs to themselves, and while they surely mean no harm, the passing around of these germs can cause illnesses to pass between other people. Typically, that means passing around the common cold for a week or two, but with the risks of covid-19, we should always be proactive in ensuring that playgrounds don't serve as a breeding ground for germs that can cause cases of the flu, the common cold, or even covid-19. Regularly pressure washing playground material eliminates the threat of bacteria and viruses, making the playground healthy and safe for anyone that uses it.

Combat mildew and mold

Because of a playground’s exposure to the elements, bacteria are not the only hazard that a playground can face. An even bigger problem for playground equipment is the possibility of algae build-up on the playground surface. It is common knowledge that algae thrive in a moist, warm environment, making playgrounds the perfect breeding spots. When left untreated, algae can turn into mold making your playground unhealthy and hazardous for visitors. Simple Solutions pressure washing in Orlando, FL, can help eliminate unwanted substances such as mold or algae from leaving your playground dangerous and dirty.

There are numerous great reasons that playgrounds can benefit from professional cleanings. The main reason is the health and safety of the community. Parents and children shouldn't have to be concerned about getting hurt or sick when taking a trip to the playground. Visiting the playground should only require having fun and getting some physical activity. Professional pressure washers can help eliminate all of the possible things that could go wrong at the playground so that visitors only have to think about whether hopping on a swing or going down a slide sounds more fun to them. Professional pressure washing in Orlando, FL, is not just for parking lots or sides of buildings. We're here to keep your playground safe, too.

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