7 Popular Pressure Washing Applications

7 Popular Pressure Washing Applications

Pressure washing your home is a seemingly effortless way to keep it clean. Most people get a sense of pride and satisfaction watching the high pressures stream remove built-up grime and dirt. Pressure washers are also the number one cleaning tool to maintain a home professionally. Whether you are cleaning algae and mud from your sidewalks and walkways or removing mildew and mold from vinyl siding, pressure washing in Sanford is the perfect solution for the problem. Our experts provide the following popular pressure washing applications.

Garden tools, mowers, and mountain bikes

The only attention your garden tools need to keep them in excellent condition is a quick spray with a pressure washer. Clean up all the built-up dirt and let them dry well before storing them to prevent rust. You can clean the undersides of your mountain bikes and lawnmowers to remove the layers of grime and dirt that have developed over time.

Outdoor furniture

Your outdoor furnishings are often exposed to dirt and other contaminants over the passing of every season. Pressure washing your outdoor furniture periodically can keep it in optimal condition by removing the layers of dirt and impurities that have gathered on the surface. Then, making your furniture look new only takes a few minutes.

Barbecue grills and smokers

Pressure wash your smoker and grill to remove grease, dirt, and ash that builds up on their many surfaces quickly and easily. Just don’t forget to disconnect the propane or empty the ashes, so you do not risk your safety or make a massive mess by spreading ashes everywhere. Using a pressure washer to clean your grill is the fastest way to wash away burnt-on food and grease effortlessly.


Many homes have fences around their property’s perimeter. Barriers become discolored and dirty over time with exposure to the elements. No one enjoys looking at a dirty fence, especially when it is their own. Pressure washing can remove accumulated mildew, algae, and dirt in no time flat.

Home exteriors

A clean home looks appealing and inviting. However, your home's exterior is inundated with dirt, pollen, and other contaminants daily. Pressure washing your home's exterior will leave it looking new and improve its curb appeal. Be aware of the settings you use for the various materials and always follow manufacturer instructions.

Home maintenance tasks like pool, drain, duct, gutter, and chimney cleaning

A pressure washer’s powerful jets of water make it the perfect tool for home maintenance tasks around your residence. For example, cleaning ash build-up and soot from your chimney is easy with a pressure washer. In addition, you can remove built-up dirt and grime from ducts, drains, gutters, and swimming pools with ease.

Driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, and entrance stairs

This magical cleaning machine makes easy work of cleaning your paved driveway. In addition, a pressure washer can clean away stains and contaminants from your sidewalks and entrance stairs, making them safer for people to use. Finally, oil and grease stains will disappear from your garage floor with pressure washing.

These are just a few of the popular household pressure washing applications. Contact us today for more information on pressure washing in Sanford, and let us take care of the work for you.

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