How To Winterize Your Pressure Washer

How To Winterize Your Pressure Washer

Proper storage of a gas or electric pressure washer, whether medium or heavy-duty, is required to keep the warranty valid.

This post will help you discover what you need to do to winterize it in only five minutes. Your warranty will remain valid, and your pressure washer will start immediately when you get it out of storage following the winter months.

The Owner's Manual that came with the pressure washer will have additional details on how to winterize your exact pressure washer model. Still, here you will discover general information from our experts on pressure washing in Orlando, FL.

Why bother winterizing the machine?

Preparing your pressure washer for storage during freezing weather protects the inner seals by keeping them lubricated when not in use. First, let's examine the gas-powered units.

Storing your pressure washer in cold temperatures can harm the internal seals, crack your pipe system, and ultimately render your machine useless. In addition, leftover ethanol in your gas tank and fuel lines sitting around in cold temperatures can induce pipe corrosion and other significant issues.

Five Easy Measures to Winterize a Gas Pressure Washer

If you have no intention of using your pressure washer for the next month, proper storage is essential to protect the motor. You will require a fuel stabilizer and must remove detergent and water from your pressure washer's pump system.

First, add the fuel stabilizer to your gas tank and run the motor for two minutes to distribute the stabilizer throughout the fuel system.

Now empty the remaining water and cleaning solution from your pressure washer water system. Hook up your pressure washer to a garden hose like you usually would. Put the detergent feed line in a pail of clean tap water rather than the soapy detergent tank. Now turn the pressure washer on and pull your spray gun trigger with a low-pressure nozzle to allow it to run for a few moments, cleaning out the detergent from the system. Now turn off your water supply and release it from your pump inlet. Again, pull the trigger to remove all the water from the system.

For the final step, you will need to put an antifreeze "Pump Saver" in the pump inlet if you think the temperatures will drop near freezing. This protects from cold temps and mineral deposit buildups.

Three Quick Steps to Winterize an Electric Pressure Washer

Because electric machines include no gasoline engine, you just need to sort out your pump system for storage.

Begin by fetching a bucket of tap water and placing the detergent suction hose inside. Next, attach a garden hose and turn the tap on. Next, turn the pressure washer on and hold the gun to squirt water for two minutes. This will clear your system of all detergent solutions. Now detach the garden hose and pull the trigger again to empty your system of water.

Store your pressure washer indoors in a warm place to prevent freezing or internal seal impairment. Use the "Pump Saver" antifreeze in the pump inlet to guard inner seals.

Follow these tips to winterize your pressure washer. Then, call us when you need professional pressure washing in Orlando, FL. We are here to make your life cleaner.

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