The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

If you have external surfaces at your residence or business, then you're assured one thing, they are going to get messy. And they're going to get messy in a way that will require more than a bit of elbow grease to improve. Whether it's mildew, mold, sand, indiscriminate filth, or just plain old dirt, the most practical way to remove it and get your facilities and outdoor spaces as clean as new is to use specialized cleaning approaches, but before running to your local home improvement shop to rent a pressure washer, there's a few things you should understand.

Power Washing and Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, along with power washing, are the two most well-recognized methods of cleaning home surfaces. Power washing uses high water temperatures to break down the collections of dirt. The devices used for this definitely do use plenty of pressure, to the degree that they can pose a threat to a user that is unfamiliar with the tools. Pressure washing is distinct from power washing in that it uses water at normal temperatures and relies solely on using different grades of pressure to clear the built-up debris.

The machinery used poses the same risks as power washing, as both release water at a pressure of 2500 psi or more. Both strategies certainly serve their purposes. There might be situations where it's excessive to use heat, or heat might harm the material, just as there are scenarios where it's most profitable to use heat and pressure, like extracting mold from a hard surface, for example.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a mode of cleaning exterior surfaces that utilizes a much lower pressure level than power or pressure washing, maxing out at 1000 psi. In order to deliver the same cleaning ability as the other processes, soft washing uses eco-friendly and environmentally safe chemicals and detergents to cleanse exteriors. The solutions are applied to the exteriors and left for the required time to clean the areas thoroughly. They are then released with water at a much lower pressure.

Which Technique Is Better?

The solution is both. It hinges on the circumstances and the surface. While power washing has gained a bit of a bad reputation as a strategy that indiscriminately harms fixtures and paint, it is still the most practical means of cleaning many exteriors, such as concrete. On the other hand, it's not something you'd ever want to utilize on roofs or cedar. For this, soft washing is a perfect choice. By employing a pressure washing professional, you'll be guaranteed that the best technique is expertly used for each unique surface of your residence and company to make everything spotless and look great!

No matter what exterior surfaces you need to be cleaned, we are here to offer the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Contact us today for more info on pressure washing in Sanford, FL. We will get the job done right every time.

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