Things You Need to Understand About Roof Cleaning in Autumn and Winter

Things You Need to Understand About Roof Cleaning in Autumn and Winter

Often, homeowners overlook the essential roof maintenance that should be completed each year. As a consequence, they incur expensive repairs and sometimes whole new roofs. But what if some straightforward cleaning could enhance both the look and lifespan of your roof?

Roof cleaning, particularly during fall and winter, is vital to maintaining your house's health. In this post, our experts on pressure washing in Sanford, FL, go over all the reasons you should take routine roof cleaning seriously. The post will also cover why you should consistently select a skilled professional to handle it.

Why It Is Critical to Clean Your Roof During Autumn and Winter

Fall is generally the most critical time to clean your roof because of the steadily falling leaves. When wet leaves are stuck on your roof, they remain wet due to rain. This moisture generates a combination of issues. First, it makes it easy for various organisms to thrive, including lichen, fungus, mold, moss, and algae. These kinds of bacteria can leave unattractive green and black smudges on your roof tiles. If left unaddressed, they can even impair the structural integrity of the tiles. This happens because the organism decays the roofing material, creating tiny holes that fill with moisture whenever precipitation occurs.

In addition to widespread rot, the water can freeze during winter, causing ice dams to develop along the roof, further damaging the material. In addition, the ice fills the holes and cracks them open even wider. Generally, we suggest cleaning your roof in the fall instead of winter unless you live in a location with mild winter weather. The freezing temps normally make it impossible for a pressure wash to be useful. Plus, any icy conditions are dangerous for workers. As such, you won't encounter many professional pressure washing services working during the winter months unless they're in locations with warm climates year-round, like Florida and California.

Other Motivations For Roof Cleaning

Getting rid of the organisms that build up during fall isn't the only rationale for considering roof cleaning. Other advantages come with it as well.

Increases the Lifespan of Your Roof

As we noted earlier, organisms like lichen, fungus, mold, moss, and algae can consume the materials on your roof. As such, terminating these harmful particles can prolong the life of your roof. In the future, this will save you more money than needing to pay for a costly replacement.

Guards the Inside of Your Home

Your roof is the initial and primary line of defense against moisture entering your residence. Because of this, you need to guard it with routine cleaning. Remember the cavities driven by a build-up of wet leaves and ice dams? Water will eventually leak inside if enough little holes develop in your roof. When this standing water penetrates the interior of your home, it causes items like marked walls and stained ceilings. It also promotes the growth of mildew and mold.

These are some of the things you need to know about autumn and winter roof cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about pressure washing in Sanford, FL. We are here for you!

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