Three Reasons to Leave Exterior Pressure Washing to the Professionals

Three Reasons to Leave Exterior Pressure Washing to the Professionals

If you've ever noticed the enjoyable before-and-after pictures from a pressure washing project, it's easy to comprehend why the job is so tempting. Glimpsing years of filth, mold, and dirt wash away is often strangely entertaining, and the project seems straightforward enough that many homeowners consider doing it themselves.

If that rings familiar, we have to stop you there! Pressure washing can make a significant difference on your property, but it's not a job the average individual should attempt to tackle independently. As the moniker indicates, pressure washing involves a lot of pressure—which can be challenging to handle or even destructive in the wrong hands. So before heading out to the home improvement mart to purchase an off-the-rack pressure washer, here are a few reasons to leave pressure washing in Orlando, FL, to the experts.

It's Safer

If you understand anything about pressure washing, you likely know that the chance of injury is nothing to chuckle at. Pressure washers are risky and can cause severe wounds if you're not cautious. Even a simple trace of high-pressure water can be a health threat. This, of course, is without assuming the other perils you may have to work through, like cleaning your property's siding from a ladder.

Their Equipment Is Professional Grade

While consumer-grade pressure washers can extract dirt from surfaces, they don't deliver the same power as professional-grade tools. This can be both positive and negative. On the one hand, you're less likely to generate damage to your property if you're operating a consumer-grade pressure washer you discovered at a home improvement shop. But, on the other hand, that pressure washer won't likely pack the punch it requires to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime. When you have an experienced pressure washing company tackle the project, they'll arrive equipped with more potent tools and cleaners than you can purchase on your own. This means they'll be capable of offering more comprehensive and practical results overall.

Professionals Know How to Operate the Equipment

Pressure washers employ a variety of nozzles that spew water at set angles and pressures. High-pressure nozzles extract more dirt, while low-pressure nozzles are milder and require more time to remove it. You might stress a crucial piece of property too much if you don't understand the differences between the nozzles and settings—or which alternative to choose for which job. In addition, pressure washing can demand a wide range of chemicals developed to remove stains and grime. However, it can be challenging for beginners to understand when they're using the correct one at the proper time. A professional will comprehend which cleaning solution to use, how long to allow the solution to sit, what PSI setting to employ, and more. It will require much more investigation and analysis if you attempt to understand everything yourself.

These are just a few reasons to leave pressure washing services to the experts. Contact us today for more info on pressure washing in Orlando, FL.



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