Pressure Washing Benefits for Your Home or Business

Pressure Washing Benefits for Your Home or Business

Many people wonder if pressure washing is really worth the cost for their business or home. After all, they own a garden hose and can easily spray down the outside of their building themselves. However, our commercial pressure washing contractor in Orlando is here to advise you that pressure washing has myriad benefits that most people overlook. It is not just about rinsing a little dirt off the outside of your building, and you cannot do it with a simple garden hose. Instead, pressure washing provides a deep, thorough cleaning that is more necessary than you might believe. It's not all about looks, though. Of course, your building's appearance is essential, but good pressure washing services can prevent damage to your business or home and help keep your employees or family healthy and safe. Our experts offer the following guide to why pressure washing your commercial property or house is necessary.

But first, we want to educate you on what power washing truly is.

What is pressure washing?

Simply stated, pressure washing uses high-powered water jets to clean grime, dust, mud, moss, algae, loose paint, and other residues from surfaces. The pressure portion of pressure washing makes the service more effective than simply washing with elbow grease and water. The high-powered jets can also reach into the tiniest nooks and crannies and clean out any dirt hiding out of visibility.

Why you need pressure washing services

Now that you fully understand what pressure washing is and how to use it, our experts offer you the following reasons you need it for your business, property, or home.

Damage prevention

Most people have no idea of the harm that moss and grime can do to a house. But, surprisingly, it can do a lot. Grime, dirt, moss, and other substances building up on your building's exterior or other outdoor items can eat away at the surfaces and cause corrosion. These elements don't only damage paint, concrete sealant, and other surface coatings. They can also cause extensive damage to the materials beneath, like the wood of your deck or your vinyl siding. The damage caused by these elements doesn't only affect surfaces because once surface materials and coatings begin to break down, they leave anything beneath them vulnerable to wear. This means that you may expose the interior of your walls to vermin, moisture, and other intrusions that can cause severe problems with your building structure and cost you stress and money down the road.

Dirt and other harmful substances also tend to build up inside small crevices that every building has, hiding out of sight and out of the reach of wind and rain. This grime can accumulate for many years until the cracks are filled with bacterial breeding grounds. Pressure washing can lift moss, dirt, grime, and other substances off of your building surface and can also reach the tiniest crevasses to clean out anything that has built up over time. This stops potential damage before it has a chance to cause deterioration and create major headaches.

Saves money.

Now that you understand the threats that can be eliminated using pressure washing services. It is sensible that pressure washing can also save you money by preventing future damages. Having your business or home pressure washed regularly is far less costly than repairing any damages that can result from allowing grime and dirt to build up. Therefore, pressure washing is considered a preventive maintenance service.

Saves energy and time.

This is a significant benefit for most property owners because time is precious. You may understand how important cleaning the exterior of your building is but still wonder why you should use pressure washing for the job. The amount of effort and time you can save through pressure washing is awe-inspiring compared to making an effort to clean your buildings or items independently. The amount of time it takes to pressure wash your building's exterior depends on factors like your home or business's size, the number of people working on the job, and how accessible exterior areas are. But it's safe to assume that even the most significant house could likely be completed within a few hours, and more minor services are efficiently completed and look like new within half an hour.

Better Health.

Most people are aware that good hygiene is essential for maintaining good health. But most people fail to realize that an exterior surface's cleanliness can also directly negatively impact our health. It can also affect the health and safety of our employees, pets, and families. The buildup of dirt and grime provides an excellent breeding ground for vermin and bacteria, well-known for transmitting disease. And if the damage is not addressed early on, it can also leave your building's interior vulnerable to spores that can cause illnesses. Regular pressure washing removes the threat of disease-causing bacteria and creates environments that are less hospitable to vermin, protecting the safety of anyone who uses the building. It also helps to remove built-up pollen from your surfaces so that people who suffer from pollen allergies can suffer less.

Boost your curb appeal.

As we explained before, pressure washing is not all about beautiful appearances. Still, it is absolutely worth mentioning that it can have a drastic effect on the appearance of your business or home. Furthermore, it is often shocking for people to see the visual difference before and after pressure washing services. So, get on YouTube and search for pressure washing if you want some examples. You will find plenty of videos and channels dedicated to this service because people enjoy seeing the satisfying and drastic changes once a surface is pressure washed. If you have any brick pathways covered with dirt and moss or siding covered in mold and grime, you might not even be aware of their actual color until after they have pressure washing services. You will improve your curb appeal considerably because the property will look new again. Curb appeal is essential for homes, but it's twice as important for a business. First, many people will judge the quality of your services and goods by your building's appearance, so boosting your property's curb appeal may increase your profits.

Increasing a home's value.

If you consider putting your home on the market, you're likely thinking of ways to increase its value. Pressure washing is an effective and inexpensive way to get better value from your home. If prospective buyers show up at your property and notice a thick coating of dirt and grime on the exterior, they will immediately assume that your property is not in good shape and is not worth the asking price. On the other hand, if their first impression is of gleaming clean surfaces that look like new, they will have no reason to believe that your home is worth less than what you're asking.

Preps surfaces for renovation.

If you decide on improving your building with a new coat of paint or even adding new siding, before starting home renovations on your business or home's exterior, it is essential to pressure wash it first. Most people know that you cannot apply paint onto a dirty surface. Besides offering basic cleaning, pressure washing in Orlando can also remove any peeling or loose paint, leaving a primed smooth surface to paint on.

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